Allmed is a medical center in the city of Treze de Maio that will offer the population specialized medical consultations, of quality and for an audience that seeks differentiated and complete care. The center will offer assistance in several sectors with rooms rented to doctors in different specialties. The company has a helpful archetype and, therefore, it was necessary to bring mainly the concepts of credibility and modernity, the first because it is a country town where the vast majority of people are elderly people, and the second because they are launching something completely new in the city. For this reason, a brand with a unique communication was delivered, delivering as a solution a symbol that brought in a creative design the combination of care in care, the medical center and the letter A. The brand was created in a golden ratio, generating even more value .
The name ‘Allmed’ refers to the surname of the owners ‘Almeida’, in a creative combination with the words ‘All’ and ‘Medic’. Although it is an English pronunciation, it is widely known and has a rounded pronunciation, taking the spoken word seriously and bringing a tone that gives it tranquility.
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