Alexandre Brandl is a brand designer based in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Bachelor in Advertising & Propaganda by Unisul, he has worked in the field for over a decade. In recent years he has been focusing his work on creating visual identities. His style is closely linked to geometric shapes. As a designer he seeks to translate in a few lines the story that the client needs to pass on in his identity. As a person you like to understand how everything works. He is an incurable optimist and a great lover of the good things in life. This project delivers an identity that describes a little of this story, summarizing not only your skills, but also your personality.
For this identity, the archetype "Creator" was defined. This archetype is characterized by stability: when we want to have a certain control of things, a power in the hands. Always innovative and creative in something lasting, avoiding mediocrity when designing something big. Always try to develop something that lasts. In marketing, practically everyone has a form of expression through creativity, which is exposed through activities such as painting, fine arts, sculpture, decoration, etc.

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